Visiting the island of Corsica by boat

Corsica is perhaps Europe’s most spectacular island, a natural summer destination for Mediterranean boats. About 100 miles long, this unique French region features a high mountainous spine falling dramatically to the ocean. Perfectly spaced harbors await you at the top of every day, when sea breezes die and a rosy light warms the old stone round the quays.Boat rental in CorsicaEven though it belongs to France, Corsica features a very unique and distinct culture. (boat hire corsica) [...]

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Yachting is the goal of this Samboat boat rental company. He is not alone on the platform, but he offers a variety of offers with the choice of boats and the freedom of customers to be his own captain or to take the service of a skipper.A trip at sea less knivesThe tactic is simple, you have to use the comparison system that helps us to find the best offers on our destination, which means the best boat port. Then we enter our destination in the requested box and (see more) [...]