Visiting the island of Corsica by boat

Corsica is perhaps Europe’s most spectacular island, a natural summer destination for Mediterranean boats. About 100 miles long, this unique French region features a high mountainous spine falling dramatically to the ocean. Perfectly spaced harbors await you at the top of every day, when sea breezes die and a rosy light warms the old stone round the quays.

Boat rental in Corsica

Even though it belongs to France, Corsica features a very unique and distinct culture. Having an upscale history and an unmatched beauty, you'll experience a number of the simplest sailing during this region. Being one among the most important islands within the Mediterranean means it's an enormous coast suitable for sailors. Hence, boat hire corsica. With approximately 1,000 kilometers, there's tons to be discovered and it'll definitely be an unforgettable experience! When sailing in Corsica, you will be ready to see different natural landscapes that change counting on the region you're sailing in. From Calvi within the north all the way right down to Bonifacio within the south, you will find unique landscapes and hidden beaches. If you propose on circling the whole island, it are often wiped out every week, but it'll be rushed.

How much does it cost to rent a ship in Corsica?

The prices depend upon the time of year. Typically during summer, which is that the peak season in Corsica, the costs are going to be above in spring or autumn. Counting on the sort of charter you want, a typical catamaran charter will start at 400€ each day and a sailboat are going to be on the average 300€ per day. When renting a motorboat, you will have different options in Corsica starting from small fishing boats all the thanks to luxury yachts. Regarding the worth, your possibilities are endless and you will be ready to find a ship that matches perfectly in your allow the precise activity you would like.

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