Whirlpool tub: all the benefits for body and mind

Just imagine the picture: you come home after a particularly exhausting day at work. Your morale is a little at half mast, your motivation is at its lowest, it's cold and it's raining! But don't panic, because there is a miracle solution! A good bath and everything will be better. And not just any bath! A real balneotherapy bath. With bubbles, hot water and basically everything you need to recharge your batteries without leaving home! Because owning a whirlpool bath means giving yourself the opportunity to take advantage of many advantages, without spending a fortune, at any time of the day and thus escape the stress of everyday life.

For many, the spa bath, jacuzzi, whirlpool or whatever you name it is something that is reserved for the elite. A sort of supreme luxury. But that has changed a lot. Today, for example, it is possible to find a whirlpool bathtub on the market for less than $ 1300. And not a basic model! No, because if we take the Scala, we quickly see that it offers 16 massage jets, FM radio and chromotherapy (which consists of exploiting the properties of colored waves for therapeutic purposes). La Scala which very easily finds its place in bathrooms, by plugging into an ordinary socket. The comfort and pleasure of real balneotherapy at home for the whole family, thanks to this surprising corner bath!

The spa bath which, as a reminder, relieves rheumatism and muscle pain, but also stimulates blood circulation. It allows you to really let go and let yourself go to the most total relaxation.

After a workout, to simply rest before going to bed or to recover from a lively evening, the spa bath is essential in many situations and will undoubtedly be indispensable!

Why don't you treat yourself to a yacht charter rental ?

If for you the marine experience is a totally new adventure, opt for an afternoon yacht charter with your friends or relatives. Then you will find at a specialist all the sizes, all the capacities of the engine and all the types of boats and yachts you are looking for. The ship may have a classic, semi-rigid, sporty hull, with or without a cabin, convertible or open.Why rent a yacht?For a weekend at sea or for a small game of fishing, this formula is to be [...]

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At least once in their lives, the majority of people have already had a boating experience. Why are you not? Renting can be a excellent option if you do not have any experience with the ship. The possession of a ship is a costly hobby. A ship can be costly for maintenance, storage and fuel. This is why renting canal boats is an inexpensive alternative. You only need to bring the ship to an agreed cost for the day and let the charterer do the remainder.Choose where to (yacht charter) [...]

You can rent my boat by going through Samboat

You can rent my boat by going through Samboat
Buying a boat is often expensive and involves constraints. For a budget holiday, prefer the rental, especially as Samboat simplifies the process and enlarged offers. So if you are interested, I rent my boat through the website to let you enjoy a good trip.SamBoat is the private boat rental websiteSimply put, the platform allows boat owners to deposit their rental listings online for free and tenants to plan their next trip from an offer of more than 150 boats. [...]