You can rent my boat by going through Samboat

Buying a boat is often expensive and involves constraints. For a budget holiday, prefer the rental, especially as Samboat simplifies the process and enlarged offers. So if you are interested, I rent my boat through the website to let you enjoy a good trip.

SamBoat is the private boat rental website

Simply put, the platform allows boat owners to deposit their rental listings online for free and tenants to plan their next trip from an offer of more than 150 boats. SamBoat becomes an advantageous two-way solution. By renting their vessel on the platform, the owners have the opportunity to amortize the annual cost of it (maintenance costs, gas, port space). Very expensive expenses, especially when you know that a boat passes 97% of its life immobile. On the tenant side, Samboat quickly realized that renting a boat in season is often difficult and very expensive. On SamBoat, rentals are significantly cheaper than the traditional tour and you can find unique boats with a history.

But the SamBoat identity is also collaborative consumption, sharing, community. These are the values ​​they wish to pass on to their members through the platform. They thought: why not share your boat and enjoy it to meet other boating enthusiasts? With SamBoat, they want to make boating a passion accessible to all.

Boats at Samboat

At this moment, the platform gathers more than 150 different and varied boats. When Samboat launched, it already had about thirty ads. They are both proud and surprised to have multiplied by 5 their fleet in the space of three months. Then, adding a boat is completely free and without commitment to an owner. For each rental made on the site, they charge a commission of 12% on the tenant and 3% on the owner to pay the transaction fees.

Thus, the site allows the owners to amortize their expenses and to make profitable their boat in all security.

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